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Lullabies: An Illustrated Songbook

Lullabies An Illustrated Songbook

Harcourt Children's Books

ISBN: 0152017283
Author: Metropolitan Museum of Art

For anybody who is in the market for a children's book We have put together very good info. Lullabies: An Illustrated Songbook, an illustrated songbook is the right music book. Written by Metropolitan Museum of Art and the publisher is Harcourt Children's Books. This book was available on bookshelves on the 15th of October, 1997. This is the 1st ed. has 96 pages and it has works of music and also it and it is full of colorfully illustrated pictures. To get the best bargain for this children's book together with other items, visit the market link on this site.

Words and music for thirty-seven with the most beloved traditional lullabies are gathered in this lavishly illustrated songbook. From the enduring “ Rock-a-Bye Baby” for the winsome “ Brahms' Lullaby” for the amusing “ Little Boy Blue,” each song is thoughtfully matched with functions of art from the Metropolitan Museum's vast collections. Paintings by Vincent van Gogh and Mary Cassatt, a photograph by Eliot Porter of his infant son, and an Eskimo stone carving of a mother and child are amongst the several works that grace the pages of this stunning book.


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