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Humpty Who? : A Crash Course In 80 Nursery Rhymes

Humpty Who : A Crash Course In 80 Nursery4 Star Rating
Humpty Who A Crash Course In 80 Nursery
"Humpty Who : A Crash Course In 80 Nursery" Is Also A Must Own Children's Book

A collection of classic nursery rhymes, contemporary songs, and finger plays aimed at helping parents interact with babies, with instructions for related movements and activities, historical information about some rhymes, and a CD containing music for thirty-five of the songs.
Should you be searching for a book I have come up with information. Get your hands on a copy of Humpty Who : A Crash Course In 80 Nursery - a crash course in 80 nursery rhymes for clueless moms and dads by Jennifer Griffin. The author is Jennifer Griffin and it was published sometime in 2007 by Workman Publishing Company. The book has 224 pages and it incorporates plenty of fantastically colored illustrations, click the link below.

Humpty Who : A Crash Course In 80 Nursery. humpty crash course nursery rhymes sleep

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Brand:Workman Publishing Company
Author:Jennifer Griffin

Product Description

Sing your baby to sleep with."Plus, there are explanations for curious children (and grown-ups) — for example, what exactly a"tuffet"is, the best way to make"pease porridge,"what else on the bus goes round and round— and suggestions for reciting the poetry from the greats (Shakespeare, Blake, Dickinson) ; tips on the best way to improvise; and the secret weapon of the yoga"Om."The accompanying CD, featuring the rocking"Hell's Kitchen Moms and Babes Ensemble,"is both great to play for baby, in addition to the fun way for parents to understand the music that goes in addition to a lot of with the rhymes. The Enjoy Boat theme song? How to recite"The Itsy-Bitsy Spider,"and make the hand-motions that have held children spellbound for generations. But it's more than just Mother Goose. but can't remember what happens past the first line. Children deserve greater than that! There are lullabies, rounds, and riddles. may be the crash course for each and every new mom or dad who wants to give their child the simple pleasures of classic nursery rhymes. With its hip approach, witty headnotes, and accompanying CD, Humpty Who? How to act out"I'm a Little Teapot,"or genuinely get a kid rocking with"Banbury Cross. A what-to-read at exactly the same time as a how-to-read, this collection of 80 judiciously selected, edited, and annotated rhymes, songs, and finger play capabilities each of the timeless characters and their stories— Jack and Jill, Georgie Porgie, Little Bo Peep, the Noble Duke of York, Contrary Mary, Wee Willie Winkie, the Three Blind Mice.


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