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Charlie Parker Played Be Bop

Charlie Parker Played Be Bop


ISBN: 0531070956
Author: Christopher Raschka / Chris Raschka

Kids love Charlie Parker Played Be Bop. The author is Christopher Raschka / Chris Raschka and it is published by Scholastic. The music book went on sale sometime in 1997. The book is 32 pages long. To obtain your very own copy of this book for your kids, click on the shopping cart add to cart button on this page.

Ever hear of Charlie Parker? Boomba, boomba. Appear at this board book and you'll hear Charlie Parker; you'll hear music in your mind. Fisk, fisk. Lollipop. If you have or if you haven't, it's okay. The great jazz saxophone player? That's Charlie swinging and spinning all over the pages."Look. And that's Charlie's cat, waiting, waiting for him to come residence."Be bop.

It would seem a riddle worthy with the sphinx: how do you give children a sense of jazz music with out playing a note? / In no way leave your cat alone."Whether in complete phrases or in nonsense refrains that taste like music in your mouth (" Alphabet alphabet, alphabet, alph, / Chickadee, chickadee, chickadee, chick, / Overshoes, overshoes, overshoes, o, / Reeti-footi, reeti-footi, reeti-footi, ree. ") , Raschka brings melody to the page, and rhythm to eager ears. / The music sounded like be bop. / Charlie Parker played saxophone. This sparse, rhythmic, repetitive text (inspired by a recording of Parker's"A Night in Tunisia ") embraces and reflects the sound and feel of jazz when read aloud:"Charlie Parker played be bop. Chris Raschka answers loudly and clearly with the illustrated, syncopated Charlie Parker Played Be Bop.

Raschka, whose Yo! Yes? His bold, quirky illustrations add movement and light to the words, buoying their already lyrical impact. won a Caldecott Honor, and whose Mysterious Thelonious--another ebullient, musical exploration of a jazz legend--was named a 1997 ALA Notable Book, proves once once again that he is just as at home with a paintbrush as he is getting a pen. (Ages 4 to 8) --Brangien Davis Charlie Parker Played Be Bop is really a colorful, whimsical romp by indicates of the world of jazz, sure to set young and old toes a-tapping.


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