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The Beatles Were Fab (and They Were Funny)

Beatles Were Fab

Harcourt Children's Books

ISBN: 054750991X
Author: Kathleen Krull / Paul Brewer

Written by Kathleen Krull / Paul Brewer and the publisher is Harcourt Children's Books. It went on sale sometime in 2013. The book of music has 40 pages. For the best offer on a copy for this music book in addition to other products, check out our store button.

Q: How do you find all this business of having screaming girls following you all over the location? John:. George: Well, we feel flattered. and flattened.

When the Beatles burst onto the music scene within the early 1960s, they had been just 4 unknown lads from Liverpool. But soon their off-the-charts talent and offbeat humor made them the most popular band on each sides from the Atlantic. Lively, informative text and expressive, quirky paintings chronicle the phenomenal rise of Beatlemania, showing how the Fab Four's sense of humor helped the lads weather every thing that was thrown their way— including jelly beans.


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